Best. Blog. Ever.

White Courtesy Telephone is the blogiest blog that ever blogged a blog. It is a production from the beautiful mind of Albert Ruesga, someone with whom I actually have had the good fortune of spending a little time while he was president and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Albert is the smartest guy you know; he can write better than you, is funny and has a heart the size of Montana (at least). He also has great legs. If you can dig what Albert is dishing, then you are way ahead of the game. If you want a place to dive in, I am especially fond of How to Cause Things in Philanthopy. Gracias, Albert. Gracias.

Tactical Philanthopy: An Appreciation

One of the most formative resources for me when I first started out in philanthropy was Sean Stannard-Stockton’s Tactical Philanthopy blog. Sean has since moved on to other things, but he is gracious enough to keep those old posts available to us. I cannot imagine a better introduction to “strategic” philanthopy, its promises and perils. While I have never had the good fortune to meet the man, my sense is that he’s someone with whom I could hang.