what we do

“Am I doing any good?” is a less straightforward question than “Am I making any money?” With an investment portfolio, there is, sooner or later, a “bottom line.” One’s returns eventually can be translated into terms of profit and loss. With a grant portfolio, we are typically chasing some elusive thing called social impact, and there are emotional, spiritual and moral returns to consider. These rarely lend themselves to rigorous quantitative analysis. Still, smart donors demand an accounting of such things, and this is where we can help.

Remington Weld is a resource for generous families, foundations and institutions who want to take their philanthropy at least as seriously as they take their investments. We serve the donor community in three ways:


Our clients partner with us to implement the principles of “strategic,” “data-driven” or “outcome-oriented” philanthropy in ways that embrace rather than frustrate the charitable impulse that ought to animate our work in the social sector.


Philanthropy must be more than merely strategic. It has to have soul. It is important that philanthropic actors be clear about not only their ends and means, but also their motivations, and so we work with our clients closely to address those pesky “philosophical” questions that get to the heart of who we are and who we want to be as agents of social change.


We develop grant portfolios infused with the intelligence and personality that characterizes inspired philanthropy, assisting our clients with pre-grant due diligence, post-grant evaluation and typical grants management functions. Front office or back office, we have you covered.