Grant Seekers

One of the "big ideas" to which we are committed is that barriers between grant makers and grant seekers are largely impediments to thoughtful, impactful and fulfilling philanthropy.

A good program officer and a good development professional are at their best when they are fundamentally advocates for organizations, projects and programs for which they deeply care. It has taken me a long to time be comfortable and confident enough to say it publicly and plainly, but philanthropy as a field would be better served if more of us were actively to set about undermining the 'us' vs. 'them' mindset that plagues much of professional foundation culture.

The grant-seeking arm of Remington Weld leverages all the we have learned from careers in service to foundations to help match grant makers with grant seekers in a way that is respectful to the character,  mission and strategic objectives of each.  We help you build the strongest case for funding without compromising your integrity and vision, and we know how to write grants that appeal to the foundation side of things.