Grant Makers

Small foundations need to be smarter, more nimble and more creative than their larger counterparts if they expect to have outsized impact. Good leadership is essential; however, good leaders are expensive, and it often does not make good financial sense for small foundations to hire full-time executive staff.

Remington Weld serves small family foundations by providing high-quality, part-time executive leadership. We can run your foundation in such a way that you will punch well above your weight.

We help donors implement the principles of "strategic," "data-driven" or "outcome-oriented" philanthropy in ways that embrace rather than frustrate the charitable impulse that ought to animate our work in the social sector. We also recognize that philanthropy must be more than merely strategic. It has to have soul. We help donors address those pesky "philosophical" questions that get to the heart of who they are and aspire to be as philanthropic agents of social change.

In short, we help you develop and manage grant portfolios infused with the intelligence and personality that characterize inspired family philanthropy. Do not let the size of your foundation stifle your philanthropic ambitions.